How Big Is the Ice Cream Truck Business?

I’m not going to blow smoke at you, the ice cream truck business isn’t the biggest in the world. You’re not going to be competing with Bill Gates any time soon, but this business is A LOT bigger than most people think.

As an example: most ice cream truck vendors in America sell Good Humor ice cream. The Good Humor Ice Cream Company has merged with a company called UNILEVER, which owns Breyers and a bunch of others.

Their ice cream division alone does about $1.2 billion a year.

So, is it a small business? Definitely not for them. Is it a gigantic business? That depends on several questions:

• Do you want to do this full time, or part time?

• Do you plan on having one truck, or multiple trucks?

• Do you want to be a “big time” operator, or are you happy with great side money?

How big the ice cream truck business is depends on how you answer these questions and how you look at it. I’ve seen it built to a very large business more than once before.

So How Much Can I Make?

So it’s one thing to be part of a big industry, but what you want to know is how much you can make in this business. There’s always that business genius who can turn a profit on anything, but I’m not writing this book for that annoying guy. How much can the average guy make in the ice cream truck business?

It varies a lot. So much of how profitable an ice cream truck business is depends on how you run the business.

I’ve seen guys make an amazing $3 after a whole terrible day, and others who didn’t know what they were doing and still made $200 in a few hours.

There are a lot of variables, weather being a big one (there’s only so much ice cream anyone can sell when it’s 49 degrees and rainy outside), but I would say based on experience that an average ice cream truck man can make $70-$100 a day gross.

This isn’t a bad living, especially when you consider that these numbers are based around an ice cream man who:

• Doesn’t know any of my top secrets from this program

• Doesn’t know how to “up sell”

• Doesn’t run his business efficiently

For some people $70-100 a day is great for 4-5 hours of work. But the top rung ice cream truck owners who run their business efficiently can make anywhere from $300-$500 a day in gross sales, and that’s on a normal day.

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